BBC TV kids animation.  Contemporaries of the Clangers, Pogles, Herbs, Mary Mungo & Midge and others.
Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley.
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Each series was a seperate location within the fictional English county of Trumptonshire.
Three seperate,but inter-connected,animated BBC tv series designed for pre-school children.
First broadcast in the Beeb's famous "Watch With Mother" lunchtime slot between 1966 and 1969.
Popping up on different tv channels ever since.And still available on both dvd and Blu Ray.

Just normal people going about their normal,everyday business.
No talking animals,mythical beings or magical forces at work here.
But never mundane,as each 15 minute episode threw up a new mini crisis,which was always met head-on with a cheerful "can do" attitude and frequent bouts of song

Forget C.G.I. This was a world created with the use of actual models & sets,combined with the life-giving powers of stop motion animation.

Enjoyed by millions of kids in the UK and throughout Europe,and very fondly remembered by adults.
With characters like Windy Miller and the Trumpton Firemen now enjoying cult status.

This site is a celebration of their impact -both then and now
A chance to relive some memories and to sort your Pugh's from your Barney McGrew's.
And thanks for stopping by.
Parish notice .... Whilst Trumptonshire reminds us that all rights to inherit the earth should indeed remain with those of a happy,kind and selfless disposition,all rights to Trumptonshire itself obviously remain with those concerned. 
And still very much alive
..... and singing !  
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