Episode 1 - Lord Belborough's Secret

We ride with Doctor Mopp to the pottery as he wants to buy a vase for his sister,Millicent.

He gets a potting demonstration.
Lord Belborough arrives in Bessie to pick up some crates of pottery for Treddles Wharf,where a mystery crate also arrives for his Lordship on Mr.Rampling's barge.
Doctor Mopp returns to Camberwick and there's general intrigue about the crate's contents.
And at the 6'oclock dance it's unveiled as a new dutch barrel organ.

Episode 2 - Bessie to the Rescue

We ride with Farmer Bell to the Biscuit Factory as he delivers their regular order.

He gets a tour inside.Then it's discovered a shipment of 3 cartons could miss the next train to London.
Urgent phone calls ! Farmer B.l drives Mr.Cresswell and the cartons to the Pottery where they rendezvous with Lord Belborough in Bessie.
It's then on to Treddles Wharf,where the Mintons take them to the mainline Station ( where they just happen to have an ongoing carpentry job )
But it was all a false alarm.As a misreading of the train times means there was no need to rush after all.

Episode 3 - The Balloon

We ride with The Trumpton Mayor to Winkstead Hall.

He's looking for fund-raising ideas for "the old people's holiday fund".But has no luck there.Next stop the Pottery.
Lord Belborough also turns up in his steam engine.
And when young Winnie Farthing's balloon bursts on the hot funnel the seed is sown for a full size,hot air version that The Mayor & Lord B would pilot so "people can buy tickets to see us go up".
It duely launches from Winkstead Hall and "everyone from Camberwick,Trumpton & Chigley is there" ( kerching ! )
And a flight over Trumptonshire ends safely in Trumpton Town Sq.

Episode 4 - The Fountain 

We ride with P.C.McGarry to the Pottery on a social visit.

He learns that Harry Farthing is keen to do more stone sculpture in addition to pottery.
He then goes to the Biscuit Factory,makes a comment about how nice a stone fountain would look out front and retells his Harry Farthing conversation.
Seed sown .... phone call made .... 3 weeks later the stone arrives at Treddles Wharf & is taken to the Pottery by Bessie. And 4 weeks later the Mayor unveils the new fountain after the 6 o'clock whistle blows.

Episode 5 - The Garden Wall

We ride with Mr.Crockett to Winkstead Hall with a lawnmower he's repaired.

Bilton,the gardener,and Lord B confer until the latter starts it accidentally,demolishing a brick wall and a wooden garden gate. Mr.Clutterbuck the builder & the Mintons carpentry skills come to the rescue.
His Lordship also helps by collecting some bricks from the Wharf in Bessie.
Wall repaired,new gate installed in "record time",and Mr.Crockett returns .... for a 2nd time .... with the mower !

Episode 6 - Binnie and Bessie

We ride with chimney sweep Roger Varley to Winkstead Hall.( he helps maintain the 2 steam engines,Bessie & Binnie.)

The coal stockpile is so low there isn't even enough to get Bessie to the Wharf to collect more.And Binnie is only a static water pump.
Roger suggests Pippin Fort,as they've got plenty and a phonecall is made.
The army truck arrives with a stopgap sack plus a full contingent of "soldier boys",and Bessie is fired up.
Off to the Wharf they all go.A fresh supply is loaded,then it's back to Winkstead where Roger and the soldier boys unload.Job done.

Episode 7 - Lord Belborough's Lucky Day

We ride with Thomas Tripp,the milkman,to Winkstead Hall on his daily round.

He has a general discussion with the butler,Brackett,about "luck".
Which Brackett then continues with Lord B,who we hear was "lucky" to buy a lovely old vase the day before.
But he then procedes to drop it and Brackett gives the bits to the bin men.
His Lordship takes his mind off it by using Bessie to take some crates from the pottery to the Wharf.
By coincidence,the bargee,Mr.Rampling,has a match vase that he has no use for.And as the bin men thought the 1st vase was too good to throw away,Harry Farthing repairs it and his Lordship ends up with a matching pair.
"Lucky day" indeed.

Episode 8 - The Broken Bridge

We ride with the Fishmoner,Mr.Carraway,to the Biscuit factory with a delivery for their "restaurant".

P.C.McGarry arrives,and informs them Chigley Bridge is "unsafe and closed to all traffic" due to the recent heavy rain and flooding.
Cresswell needs to make deliveries .... temporary bridge required .... Phonecalls made.
Pippin Fort supplies the manpower and Lord B collects all the equipment from the Wharf.
Lifting duties are performed by Mr.Dagenham in his helicopter and the whole task is completed "in under 2 hours".

Episode 9 - Clay for Mr.Farthing

We ride with GPO men Mr.Wantage and his assistant Fred to fix Harry Farthing's phone at the Pottery.

They inform him that a lot of clay has recently been dug out during the construction of a new telephone exchange nearby. Which is where we then go.
And with the help of Farmer Bell's digger it's loaded into 2 large metal bins,put onto Lord Belborough's train and taken back to the Pottery.
Once there,Mr.Crockett uses his tow truck to winch them off, ready to be made into something useful.

Episode 10 - Trouble with the Crane

We ride on board Mr.Rampling's barge to Treddle's Wharf,laden with goods.

A crane malfunction at the Wharf signals a watery grave for Lord Belborough's crate of valuable books,with his Lordship looking on.
An urgent phonecall for help signals the arrival of the Pippin Fort troupe.
As does Mr.Crockett's tow truck,because the Wharf crane can't be fixed.
Private Armitage - "the best swimmer" - dives down to attach the winch line.But,once on dry land,they discover that it actually contained some old scrap metal for Farmer Bell,and Lord B's crate had been safe on the barge all along.

Episode 11 - Apples Galore

We ride with Mickey Murphy on his usual round to Winkstead Hall.

His Lordship enlists his help in trying to find a home for his bumper apple crop.
Eventually Mickey finds a taker in Windy,who's happy to turn them into "juice" for the 6 o'clock dances ( not cider.)
So the Fire brigade do the picking with their ladders and hoist.
And they all ride in Bessie from the orchard to Windy's barn,where Windy and the firemen press and process the apples,helped by Mr.Cresswell and some biscuit factory workers who supply the sugar required.
Net result ? Plenty of juice for the dances !

Episode 12 Willie Munn

We ride with Mr.Clamp,the greengrocer,with a delivery for the biscuit factory "canteen".

His nephew,Willie Munn,works on the Factory floor and that particular day gets his chance to be a delivery driver.
But he forgets to top up with petrol and runs out en route to Winkstead Hall.
He calls Lord Belborough for help,who duely arrives with a can of petrol in Bessie ( that Willie had helped to paint.) whilst taking delivery of his crates of biscuits.
And Willie manages to gets back to the factory on time,so Mr.Cresswell's none the wiser.

Episode 13 - A Present for Lord Belborough

We ride with Mr.Antonio,the ice cream man,with a delivery for Winkstead Hall's tea room.

We learn that Bilton the gardener has a wheelbarrow-related back problem.
A "motor barrow" had been promised but is proving too costly.
By chance,the people of Chigley are due to present his Lordship with a small,single-seater ride-on steam engine as a "thank you" for his daily dances.
Come 6 o'clock it's duely presented.And,as word had got around about Bilton's plight,Mr.Crockett also arrives with a small trailer which,when hooked-up,provides him with his ride-on barrow. 

And that ends a look at all 39 Trumptonshire episodes.
Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley
On this page - The storylines for all 39 episodes.
Way too much information of course. But it's all here anyway .... just in case !

Episode 1 - Nick Fisher,the Bill Poster

Mr.Munnings prints some posters for the Fire Brigade Band concerts.
Captain Flack thinks his firemen can handle the distribution and put them up.
Unfortunately blind faith can't carry the day.And trouble finding suitable sites,plus some general incompetence of the pasting variety means he eventually has to defer to Nick Fisher who "has them all over the town in half an hour".
And,suitably advertised,off we go to enjoy it.

Episode 2 - Miss Lovelace & the Mayor's Hat

The Mayor inspects the Park and feeds the ducks.
Mr.Craddock moans about the litter.And the Minton's repair a park bench.
And,in a slapstick scene involving Miss Lovelace's peke's and a plank the Mayor's hat is knocked off and flies up into a tree.
Cue the fire brigade to the rescue.And Miss Lovelace duely redeems herself by using her millinery skills to repair it. 

Episode 3 - Mrs.Cobbit & the Ice Cream Man

One day Mrs.Cobbit fails to turn up in the Town Square.No flowers ! General consternation.
A tree branch has crashed through the roof of her house.
Unhurt,she cleans up and gets to the Square late only to find Mr.Antonio has unwittingly taken her pitch.
The happy resolution is that the fire brigade remove the branch .... the Mintons repair the rafters .... Mr.Antonio re-plasters the ceiling .... and Mrs.C sells his ice cream while he does it.

Episode 4 - Miss Lovelace & the Statue

The Mintons are repairing the door to Miss Lovelace's shop.
Her 3 pekinese dogs escape and cause Mr.Clamp's lorry to swerve and hit the Queen Vic statue.
No-ones hurt .... the lorry's towed away .... Miss Lovelace is admonished and apologises .... and the fire brigade are called to replace the statue's crown that's been dislodged.

Episode 5 - The Mayor's Birthday

No-one knows what to get him.
Then Mr.Troop reveals that he's wanted "a painting of Trumpton Town Hall"..."for ages"
An itinerant artist has been out at the Mintons painting the cottages.But he leaves before he can be commissioned.
The fire brigade drive around looking for him using the hoist.
But,by chance,he turns up in the Square painting the Town Hall anyway.
So the Mayor's gets his painting,and is pleased enough to offer "free drinks and ice creams" at the Band concert.

Episode 6 - Telephones

"Crackling" on the Mayor's phone line !
Two engineers are dispatched to inspect the wires outside Mr.Munnings shop.
Unfortunately head-honcho Mr.Wantage gets called away,Miss Lovelace's pekinese ,"Mitzy",gets tangled in the wires,and his dopey assistant,Fred,re-connects them incorrectly.
Cue much cross-line mayhem.With the main loser being Cptn Flack who mistakenly thinks there's a fire at the Mintons. "Everyone's very cross" but Mr.Wantage returns and soon sorts it all out.

Episode 7 - The Rag and Bone Man

The Mayor has a "Tidy-up Trumpton Week".
This overloads Raggy Dan's hand cart,so he decides to store it all temporarily in the Trumpton Park tool shed.
But the Mayor discovers it on his rounds,isn't happy and advises Mr.Craddock to burn it all.
Unfortunately it includes a rocking horse thrown out by Dora Minton -unaware it was where her husband put his "savings". Mistake realised and horse rescued by the fire brigade just before it's about to be burnt.Raggy also reclaims his stuff and wins "the silver cup" for his efforts.

Episode 8 - Mr.Platt & the Painter

Mr.Platt winds the Town Hall clock once a week.
The Mayor informs him it's to be painted.
Decorator Mr.Harkin uses pulleys and a cradle to do the job.But next day the clock stops.General consternation !
Mr.Platt discovers Harkin's left a paint tin behind,which is "stopping the figures from meeting and striking the half hour"
And the fire brigade are tasked with removing it,using the hoist.

Episode 9 - The Window Cleaner

Whilst having her shop windows cleaned,Miss Lovelace asks Mr.Robinson to take a look at her chimney which is blocked. Once up there,he's out of sight when the Mayor turns up.
Unfortunately he decides that unattended ladders are "simply asking for burglers" and gets Troop to remove it.
Cue the immortal line from Mr.Robinson .... "Here.Where's my ladder ?!"
He gets Constable Potter's attention by throwing the bird's nest blockage at him.And Potter then calls the fire brigade.

Episode 10 - Cuthbert's Morning Off

Fireman Cuthbert's Auntie comes to Trumpton to visit him on his morning off.
But she gets ushered into Miss Lovelace's shop for a chat and he's in Mr.Platt's clock shop,so they miss each other.
Cuthbert reveals "she likes gardens and I like ducks".
So he hitches a lift to the park with the Mintons.Whilst the Mayor also happens to take his auntie there seperately.
In the meantime,the fire brigade have been tasked to drive around looking for Cuthbert using their hoist.And Captain Flack eventually spots him by the duck pond.So the 2 relatives finally meet up .... but not before Cuthbert has fallen in !

Episode 11 - The Plumber

The Mintons are repairing some floorboards in the Mayor's office.
The Mayor and Mr.Troop notice some water (!) dripping through the ceiling.
The Mintons take a look in the attic,but it's clearly a job for the plumber,Mr.Wilkins,who arrives to tell them that the tank needs replacing.
But it won't fit through the attic trapdoor and has to be removed through "the attic skylight" and a new one hoisted in the same way .... courtesy of the fire brigade of course.

Episode 12 - Pigeons

Clock shop owner Mr.Platt keeps homing pigeons as a hobby.
Chippy Minton's sceptical about their abilities,so Platt lets him take one home to prove it'll find it's way back to his shop.
That night,a big storm means a fallen tree blocks the lane near the Minton's house.And the telephone lines are down too.
So the Mintons attach a message for help to the pigeon.
Which duely returns to Mr.Platt,who then (smugly) calls the fire brigade to go and remove the tree.

Episode 13 - The Greenhouse

It's the "Grand Flower and Vegetable Show" in Trumpton Park.And the Mayor oversees preparations.
The greenhouse has a precarious looking old chimney - "it's a wonder it doesn't topple over".
So he tells park keeper Mr.Craddock to get the borough engineer to take a look at it.
Bad news - it has to come down !  Good news - a successful demolition by the firemen.
Everyone enjoys a "special flower show band concert".And Chippy Minton wins the show's Silver Cup.
Camberwick Green

Episode 1 - Peter the Postman

Very much a basic introduction to the people and places of Camberwick as we follow him on his round.
A generally useful character exactly because he can pop up anywhere and no explanation is needed.

This was actually the pilot episode.
And is notable for the inclusion of 3 distinct bits of slapstick involving Mickey Murphy, Windy and the Pippin Forter's.
And something that was obviously re-assessed before filming the rest of the series,as it was never repeated.

Episode 2 - Windy Miller

Main introduction to Windy ( representing the 'old' ) and his friendly,and ongoing,rivalry with Farmer Bell ( the 'new' )

The sub plot has Mickey Murphy running out of flour,and going to the Mill to get some.
But Windy can't do any grinding as there's no wind.
So they all "whistle for the wind" ( a Windy superstition ),but still no luck.
Cue the conveniently passing Pippin Fort truck and the increased whistling power does the trick. 
A "Good old Windy" moment - and one of many to come !

Episode 3 - Mr.Crockett

A general introduction to Mr.Crockett and his garage.

But it's actually secondary to a race between Windy (tricycle) and Farmer Bell (truck) from the Mill to the Green.
The 'old' versus 'new' strand again and Bell offers Windy a bag of free corn if he can beat him.
A replay of the classic tortoise and hare story.Ultimately won by Windy as Bell runs out of petrol following an earlier misunderstanding witnessed at the garage.Smiles all round .... even from Farmer Bell.

Episode 4 - Dr.Mopp

We join Dr.Mopp on his rounds.

First up,the Murphy kids bed-ridden with bad colds.
Next,an off-duty,social visit to the Mill to photograph some thrushes Windy's been watching.
Then off to Pippin Fort for the boys' routine medicals.Followed by Bell's Farm to treat Mrs Bells' "rheumatics".
And finally back to base,where red spots on Mrs.Honeyman's baby turn out to be merely paint splatter from an overhead touch up of the front.

Episode 5 - Mr.Murphy

Mickey Murphy burns his hands on a tin,so no baking for him today.

Private Lumley is volunteered to help,despite being unable to tell his left from his right when on parade.
Left in charge of the shop,he sells Farmer Bell's special order by mistake.A fact discovered on a delivery to the Mill.
But Windy offers him the use of his cookhouse to bake replacements and they're so good Farmer B's none the wiser.
"Obviously a born-baker" and a new "part-time helper" for Mickey as a result.

Episode 6 - Mrs.Honeyman

A workmen's lorry turns up at the Green.Cue much too-ing and fro-ing trying to establish what they're up to.

And Mrs. Honeyman finally gets everyone going by concluding they're going to build an electricity sub-station.
Change ?! .... No thank you !
And everyone's mobilised to stop them -peacefully of course.
But it's all a misunderstanding as it's only a new drain.
Mrs.Honeyman sheepishly makes herself scarce.And we're reassured "Thank goodness no-one got really cross."

Episode 7 - PC McGarry

We tag along for a typically un-taxing day for the Camberwick bobby.

First a salutory tale about kids and cars at the garage.
Then a reminder to Mrs.Dingle that Packet's old enough for a license.
On to the Mill to ask Windy about kids fishing up there without a license.
And finally a 'major' incident - a swarm of bees next to the Bakery.
And who else to save the day but bee-keeper Windy,who even interrupts his fishing to help out.

Episode 8 - Mr.Carraway

It's early closing day at Mr.Carraway's Fish Shop.

He goes to the Mill to show his old friend Windy the re-framed painting of his great-grandfather's ship,'The Northern Prince'. He's good at telling sea stories,and next-up has the Pippin Fort boys "spellbound".
On the return journey he breaks down,is towed by Mr.Crocket but the painting falls out and is damaged.
He's distraught,but the villagers give him a model of it,secretly "whittled" by Windy as an intended,but hastily brought-forward,birthday present.

Episode 9 - Farmer Bell

More of the Farmer Bell versus Windy friendly rivalry.

This time 'big versus small' as Farmer B discovers that some of his customers want less of his battery-produced eggs.
They're buying Windy's free-range ones instead,who explains "People think happy hens lay better eggs" .... wonders why Farmer B. bothers supplying small local orders .... and convinces him to send all his eggs to the "packing station" where they need the bulk and uniformity only he can offer.
A friendly compromise and cider all round.

Episode 10 - Paddy Murphy

It's Saturday morning and Paddy always helps out Mr.Tripp the milkman with his round  (Paddy on rollerskates).

A mishap at the Dairy means all that morning's order is ruined.
His usual supplier,Farmer Bell,can't help because his new electric milking machine is being repaired.
So,once again,Windy steps in and not only provides the milk but helps them deliver it -allbeit late.But no harm done.

Episode 11 - Captain Snort

"Every Wednesday,after parade,the boys do odd jobs for the people of Camberwick Green."

We follow the truck as it drops them off ....
Armitage at the Mill .... Featherby and Higgins at Bell's Farm .... Lumley at Doc Mopp's .... Hopwood at the Bakery.
And Meek gets to mind Mrs Honeyman's baby.
Sgt.Major Grout pops off to help Mr.Crockett at the Garage and Captain Snort enjoys some fishing with friends.
A perfect day .... except for a bit of a hiatus with Meek and the baby,which is all tidied up neatly back at the Fort.

Episode 12 - Roger Varley

Roger sweeps the Bakery chimney - soot everywhere !

But the Green's water supply has been temporarily cut off,so no clean-up.
Mickey goes to the Mill to use Windy's well but only has buckets.
Roger's there as well and superstitious Windy touches his collar for luck. And it works because,purely by chance,Farmer Bell turns up with some churns,and the Pippin truck arrives with their "new trailer pump" to fill them.
Mickey still has time to clean up and bake a birthday cake for Sgt Mj Grout's party,which they then all attend.

Episode 13 - Mr.Dagenham

Salesman,Mr.Dagenham,tries to interest both Farmer Bell and Captain Snort in a helicopter (!)

The Captain is at the Mill,organising the removal of the sail,using ropes and boypower,so that Windy can do some repairs. Mr.Dagenham flies there with Farmer Bell and offers to use his helicopter,so he can impress both his potential customers. And,apart from Windy getting accidentally airborne at one point,it's a success.
The helicopter remains unsold.But the versatile Mr.Dagenham does still manage to sell Farmer B. a plough & tv set.