Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley

On this page mp3 opening and closing themes for all 3 series

Opening Song

Actually,there isn't really an opening song to speak of.
All we ever get is a very brief and languid guitar piece,before being introduced to a character in either Camberwick or Trumpton who's about to set off for Chigley.

A workmanlike way to get the narrative going as we hitch along for the ride.
But pretty uninspiring stuff when compared to the other 2 series.And I've included a typical example here just for completeness as much as anything.

Closing Song

Every episode ends with the dance laid on by Lord Belborough for the Cresswell Biscuit Factory workers in the grounds of Winkstead Hall.With music courtesy of his dutch barrel organ.

About half way through,the organ accompaniement disappears,and it turns into a much softer guitar version.Which signifies the point in the footage where the dance sequence ends and the end titles begin.

Bonus Clip - to compensate for the rather non-descript Chigley opening.

And,of course,it just had to be the best-loved song from Chigley - "Time flies by when I'm a driver of a train ..."
The one that always accompanies Lord Belborough when he's on the footplate of his steam train "Bessie".                                                                                                                                               
All 13 episodes had a train ride. But a few of them just had an instrumental only version.
Presumably just to mix it up a bit.And both are featured below ....

With lyrics ....                                    Instrumental version ....
Copyright -  These few selected audio clips are included solely to promote the continued awareness of Trumptonshire.

Opening Song

I've ended this clip with the sound of the shutting of the 2 doors that house the town hall clock figures.Because ....

The bit that always comes immediately after it is a segment of stock footage of the townsfolk going about their business, accompanied by a suitably busy little instrumental.
But the town hall clock sequence is really the meat and potatoes.

Closing Song

This accompanies the band concert put on by the firemen in Trumpton Park at the end of every episode.
Although it doesn't actually end the transmission,because it's always followed by a reprise of the opening theme over the title captions.

I should also just say that this is the only clip where the quality is a bit variable.

Opening Song

Most people remember the main part of the opening sequence featuring the music box.
But the first part of this clip also features the lead-in to it,where a figure dressed as a clown [above] reveals the opening credits by turning the handle on a rotating blackboard.

Closing Song

Each episode ends with a reverse of the opening sequence.

I've not included the first bit where the character that emerged from the music box disappears back inside,because it's accompanied by the same music.
Instead,you'll hear the following part which sees the return of our friend the clown who's obviously now turning the closing credits,accompanied by a different and slightly more substantial tune than the one at the start.

Obscure quiz question .... Q. "How many of the 39 Trumptonshire episode feature a clown ?"  A. "13"