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Opening Song

There isn't really an opening song to speak of.All we ever get is a very brief and languid guitar piece,before being introduced to a character in either Camberwick or Trumpton who's about to set off for Chigley. A workmanlike way to get the narrative going as we hitch along for the ride.But pretty uninspiring stuff when compared to the other 2 series,& I've included a typical example here just for completeness as much as anything

Closing Song

Every episode ends with the dance laid on by Lord Belborough for the Cresswell Biscuit Factory workers in the grounds of Winkstead Hall.With music courtesy of his dutch barrel organ.
About half way through,the organ accompaniement disappears,and it turns into a much softer guitar version. Which signifies the point in the footage where the dance sequence ends and the end titles begin.
Not that they used an actual organ to reproduce the sound anyway.For which we should probably all be thankful

Bonus Clip -(to compensate for the rather non-descript Chigley opening)

And,of course,it just had to be the best-loved song from Chigley -"Time flies by when I'm a driver of a train....." The one that always accompanies Lord Belborough when he's on the footplate of his steam train "Bessie".
And probably so widely remembered simply because it appeared in every single episode.Although it's hard to forget any tune as catchy as that to be fair. With lyrics..........

In fact,they just used an instrumental version in several episodes,presumably confident that kids would fill in the blanks themselves.And it's particularly handy for us adults too,because prolonged exposure to the lyrics would probably drive you bonkers (under 5's being immune of course.) Instrumental version..........
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As such, I've taken the view that the use of a few selected clips is justified purely for illustrative purposes.
And if it encourages you to go out and buy any commercial trumptonshire product that may be available at the time,then so much the better !
Opening Song

The rather abrupt thud at the end of this clip is the sound of the 2 doors shutting,that house the town hall clock figures.The bit that always comes immediately after that is some stock footage of the townsfolk going about their business,accompanied by a suitably busy little instrumental.And it's debatable whether it should actually be thought of as part of the opening segment.But,truth be known,it's a rather irritating little piece (burn the heretic !] and it's probably no coincidence that most people only remember the bit I've decided to include anyway.

Closing Song

This is the band concert put on by the firemen in Trumpton Park at the end of every episode. Although it doesn't actually end the transmission because it's always followed by a reprise of the opening theme over the title captions.
It's also the same tune for all 13 episodes.And whilst Captain Flack would probably say it's better to play one song well than 13 indifferently,no-one could call them the most versatile of performers !
I should also just say that this is the only clip where the quality is a bit variable.And that's despite using the most recent dvd release,and trying quite a few episodes to find a better version.Not that it's a big problem really,but it does drop off a bit at about the 10 second mark.
Opening Song

Most people remember the main part of the opening sequence featuring the music box.
But the first part of this clip also features the lead-in to it,where a figure dressed as a clown [above] reveals the opening credits by turning the handle on a rotating blackboard.

Closing Song

Each episode ends with a reverse of the opening sequence.
I've not included the first bit where the character that emerged from the music box disappears back inside, because it's accompanied by the same music.Instead,you'll hear the following part which sees the return of our friend the clown who's obviously now turning the closing credits,accompanied by a different and slightly more substantial tune than the one-note-at-a-time effort at the start.
He's also the answer to the quiz question "Which character never actually appears in any of the episodes ?" Camberwick's answer to Bombardier Wells,who banged the gong at the start of all those old Rank movies !