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Let's be honest. Newsflow was always going to be in short supply by this stage !
And since 2011 it's been quieter than a Sunday afternoon at the Trumpton umbrella factory.
But,after 50+ years,the 3 series still have a surprisingly strong pulse.
When many flavour-of-the-month offerings have gone on life support after only a fraction of that.


A music video hommage by British supergroup "Radiohead"

A "done-in-the-style-of" stop motion effort revealing the dark,pagan underbelly of Trumps as it blends in the storyline from the cult 70's UK movie "The Wicker Man".
And quite a big deal considering the group's huge worldwide popularity......even if most fans won't have a clue about either of the influences.
But Trumptonshire finally goes global..........whether the world knows it or not  ! 
And I've put it on the "tributes" page,so why not take a look

50th anniversary of the 1st broadcast of Camberwick Green

Indeed it is. Although you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise,with the almost complete lack of anything tangible to mark the occasion. Sigh.


Blu-Ray release

Camberwick released on December 16th,2011 exclusively via Amazon -a 3 for 1 package containing first time blu-ray and digital download versions plus a best-yet dvd offering.

The plan was for Trumpton and Chigley to follow. But,7+ years later,and we're still waiting -reasons unknown.

More on the dvd page


Brian Cant

B.C recognised by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
A "special award" for "his outstanding contribution to children's television" presented at the Children's Awards in London on Sunday 28th Nov.
The sort of lifetime achievement award given out to people who may not be around too much longer and should have been recognised earlier.
Blunt but true.

BAFTA link here

BBC CD release

Feb. 2010 - a new commercial release by the BBC -despite the fact Windy & friends haven't appeared on the Beeb since 1986.And not "new",but actually a cd version of one of the 1970's vinyl LP's which was based around 2 Camberwick episodes.

Part of a selection of releases under the title "Vintage Beeb" here



October 2009 marked the 40th anniversary of it's first broadcast.And,apart from the inevitable Robert Harrop figurines,the event went almost totally un-noticed.Largely because Camberwick's birthday in 2006 was effectively recognised as Trumptonshire's 40th,but also reflecting Chiggers constant struggle for any real identity.

Entertainment Rights

The company hired to secure licensing & merchandising deals on Gordon Murray's behalf went into administration.
The UK trading subsiduary was sold to a consortium called Boomerang Media and continued to trade as normal under their ClassicMedia umbrella. Site here


Nothing of note


"Trumptonshire Tales"

A live stage event with Brian Cant that had 2 shows in Bristol and London,followed by a trip upto Scotland for a week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 7th to 14th.
More on-site info here.

Life on Mars

A little animated pastiche of the famous Camberwick music box opening sequence appeared in an episode of the 2nd series of the hit primetime BBC show "Life On Mars".
I'll have to refer you to YouTube for the actual clip,because it's always pre-watershed here on this site of course.
All good fun though,and well-executed too.And I've uploaded a scan of a brief Radio Times article looking behind the scenes of it's creation here


From March 5th all 3 series began to air on NickleOdeon's "Junior Classics" and "Junior Classics 2" tv channels.


DVD Releases

A new 13 episode dvd for each series. Released seperately,on a staggered basis in the first half of the year.And then all stuffed in a cardboard box and rather tackily re-marketed in the Autumn as a completely "new" boxset. See DVD page 

BBC Radio 4 documentary

Radio 4 marked the 40th anniversary of Camberwick's 1st broadcast with a half hour retrospective.
Full manuscript on tributes page

Quaker Oats adverts

Faithfully recreated and beautifully crafted vignettes with an oaty flavour. See Quaker Oats page              
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