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What's listed ?

Everyone (or thing) that's mentioned specifically by name is listed here,plus their modes of transport and songs.
Some characters were given Christian names,some not and they're all listed with all the information we ever get.
Obviously some merit more comment than others,and where I don't say much it's simply because there really isn't a whole lot to say.Either because they only appeared in one episode or they just didn't do very much. And they aren't listed in any particular order.

How do the songs differ from Camberwick ?

You'll notice the songs are generally longer and more ambitious.In fact, some are mini narrative epics by comparison and the repitition of lines is almost Gilbert and Sullivan.And,no,I'm not suggesting they're comparable in quality ! But they're pretty darn good for a pre-school kids' tv show.
Another difference from Camberwick is that the lyrics aren't altered to fit a certain storyline.Instead,if a song's used more than once it's often just shortened by starting part of the way through ie.missing out a line or two.
Songs (with lyrics) to accompany trips from one place to another are also dispensed with.Basically because Trumpton's far more self-contained than Camberwick,so we just get fewer journeys.And even when we accompany the firemen on their route from the station,we only ever get the same lyric-free tune.Although maybe they thought an instrumental would stand less chance of getting tedious as it was used so often.
Anyhow,everything we do get is listed here..........

All the Trumpton characters 

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The Mayor

His "worship" is given a suitably grand tone of voice by Brian Cant."He's very fond of the Mayoral hat..." and always gets a red carnation buttonhole from Mrs.Cobbit (except in the Ice Cream episode where he has to settle for a red rose).Clearly vain,and with an obvious love of high office,he's also surprisingly decisive for a local government official and quite brusque and purposeful.All the problems brought to his attention,are successfully dealt with.And whilst a lot of the credit should go to his sidekick "Mr.Troop" and the firemen,if delegation is indeed an art then he's truely a consummate artiste.
For someone so pivotal,it's a bit odd he doesn't get his own song.And he might also have benefited from a Lady Mayoress to interact with,although you suspect he wouldn't have welcomed any competition in the hat department, so maybe that was just as well.A good strong central character though. (a rare hatless view here)

Philby -Mayor's chauffeur

As driver of "The Mayoral Car" he gets a fair amount of screen time,but doesn't get to say a single word.And his appearances are usually prefaced by the Mayor saying something like "Where's Philby ? I don't want to be late for...." 
And for such an anonymous personality,clearly he was never likely to burst into song....and indeed never does.

Mr.Troop -Town Clerk

He's invariably just called "Troop" by the Mayor and his catchphrase is "Right away,your worship".They're practically joined at the hip although,perversely,you still don't actually get the feeling that the Mayor would fall apart if he wasn't there.And despite getting a lot of airtime,he never gets a storyline or any character development to go with it.So generally comes across as a rather colourless sort of figure.
But that's what tends to happen in Trumptonshire when you don't get to wear a hat.Important things,hats !
But at least he gets to trot out this little tune in the Miss Lovelace episode,just so we know how hard he works of course.

"Fire Brigade,Library,road repairs,postage stamps,rubbish bins,swimming baths,broken window panes.
Park gates,waterworks,painting all the street lamps,dust cart,youth club,church bazaar,drains.

The Minton Family

The family unit consists of wife and house mum Dora,husband Chippy,who's a self-employed carpenter,and son Nibbs,who acts as his assistant.
The latter 2 are featured out and about quite a lot.But Dora's appearances are usually confined to the kitchen of their semi-detached cottage (Mrs.Cobbit is next door)
It's difficult to guage just how old "young" Nibbs is supposed to be.Because he's given a slightly pre-pubescent voice and is never seen driving their "little van",but seems to spend a lot of time working with his dad.                          
For a quick distinguishing id,dad's always the one with the hat. (that hat thing again !)
This song features in both the Miss Lovelace & the Statue and the Plumber episodes.

"I like my job as a carpenter,there's nothing I'd rather be.
I've had my tools for many long years,they're all good friends to me.
A mallet,a drill are in my bag,a file and gimlet too,sandpaper sheets,a brace and bit,a bradawl and some glue.
I like my job as a carpenter,there's nothing I'd rather be.
I've had my tools for many long years,they're all good friends to me.
I've chisels & saws all keen & sharp,a jack & a smoothing plane.I know that oak will plane up true while mahogany changes grain.
I like my job as a carpenter,there's nothing I'd rather be,
I've had my tools for many long years,they're all good friends to me." 

Mrs.Cobbit -Flower Seller

Her pitch is always in front of the Queen Victoria statue in the Market Square -"I've never missed a day there for 40 years -only Sundays".She lives alone,next door to the Mintons and,like Roger Varley,looks like another stereotype right out of cinematic contemporary,Mary Poppins.She's given the sort of "dear-ee" voice that you'd probably expect,and she's also quite softly-spoken which helps put across her age -which you'd struggle to guage just by looking at her.A salt-of-the-earth type,and a strangely comforting figure actually.
This song is from her own "Mrs.Cobbit & the Ice Cream Man" episode:-

"Roses,roses,buy my red roses,scented so sweetly and fresh as the dew.
Roses,roses,all you fine gentlemen buy a sweet-scented rosebud,a buttonhole 4u.
Violets,violets,sweet-smelling violets,purple and tiny and fresh as the dew.
Violets,violets,all you fine ladies,a bunch of sweet violets,a nosegay for you."

This variation is from the "Pigeons" episode :-

"Roses,roses,buy my red roses,scented so sweetly and fresh as the dew.
Roses,roses,come you fine gentlemen,buy a bunch of red roses,a nosegay for you.
Violets,violets,sweet-smelling violets,purple and tiny and fresh as the dew.
Violets,violets,come you fine ladies a bunch of sweet violets,a posy for you."

Miss Lovelace -Milliner

A very brisk,well-spoken lady with no apparent family,who always flits about with a great sense of purpose.She provides that same sense of energy that Mrs.Honeyman gives to Camberwick.But she's a bit more upmarket and the baby and pram are replaced by 3 yapping "pekes"- "Mitzy","Daphne" and "Lulu",aka "my darlings".And as with many a spoilt child,their unruley behaviour causes the odd hiatus and helps along a storyline or two in the process.She's pictured with them here
This song is from "Miss Lovelace & the Statue":-

"A hat for a young girl so sweet and so slim,has long velvet ribbons and a wide shady brim.
With bright yellow daisies so fresh and so fair to echo the colour of her long golden hair.
A hat for a lady so fine and so grand must always be fashioned with a pure silken band 
and one single hat pin of a silver so rare to set as a contrast to her glossy black hair"

She also sings a shortened (unchanged) version,starting from  "A hat for a lady.....",in the Window Cleaner episode.

Mr.Munnings -Printer

He's an old school Fleet Street-syle printer (well,what else would he be I suppose ?) And he's the owner of a truely mesmeric Heath Robinson press.Which is just as well,because with no mention of family and next-to-no character development it's asking an awful lot of his additional role as "Secretary of the Garden Club" to etch him in the memory banks.But with a great bit of mechanical kit like that,it was job done.
This is his song from the "Nick Fisher" episode:-

"I line up all the letters with spaces in between,and clamp them in the printing press,a wonderful machine.
Posters are in capitals,bold and fat and tall,but the printing in the Daily News is often rather small.
Now the inky roller comes down the type and back,and makes the letters ready to be printed clear and black.
I check the pile of paper,for every single sheet,will be printed by the inky type with letters clear and neat.
When they have a flag day I print the little flags,notices and labels and even paper bags.
I make the letters stand up straight and keep the paper clean,then the job will be as good as anyone has seen."

He also sings a shortened (unchanged) version starting from "I check the pile....",in the "Telephones" episode.

Mr.Platt -Clock Maker

Whilst he obviously owns the clock shop,he also has the far more important job of looking after "the Town Hall Clock". And as some light relief from such onerous responsibility,he keeps "homing pigeons" in a small backyard behind his shop.pictured here) He's similar to Mr.Munnings really,in that he appears a fair bit but never really does much to leave a lasting impression.
This song's featured in both "Mr.Platt & the Painter",and "Cuthbert's Morning Off".

"Clock's are like people,clocks are like you and me,each has its' own personality.
Big clocks,small clocks,grandfather tall clocks,cuckoo clocks,hall clocks,mantelpiece and wall clocks,
clocks for the small room,the kitchen and the nursery,alarm clocks to waken us urging punctuality.
All of them chiming or whirring or clicking,cuckoo-ing or ringing or tic toc ticking.
Clock's are like people,clock's are like you and me,each has its' own personality." 

Mr.Clamp -Greengrocer

Whilst it says "J.Clamp & Son" on his shop sign,there's no mention of any offspring and we never get to find out what the "J" stands for.There is a "Mrs.Clamp" mentioned in the Telephones episode but she's never seen.And he also owns a cat called "Agee",which doesn't actually appear in Trumpton,but only turns up when he features in Chigley for some reason. So again not much to hang your hat on there in the way of a back story.
He's a retailer and wholesaler and owns a suitably large lorry.And it's clearly his good fortune that it's a Tesco-free zone.
But all-in-all,he's a pretty forgettable character.Much like the 2 other male shopkeepers in the Town Square actually -Mr.Munnings & Mr.Platt,and in stark contrast to the fourth -the redoubtable Miss Lovelace
Anyhow,this epic piece of verbal salesmanship appears in both "the Mayor's Birthday" and "the Greenhouse" episodes:-

"Come buy my vegetables,fruit ripe and beautiful,fine,fresh and fancy,come buy them from me.
Come buy,come buy,come buy them from me.
Cabbages,carrots and tender spring greens,broccoli,brussel tops,fresh runner beans.
Peaches and plums and pears by the pound,parsnips and beetroot straight from the ground.
Apples and oranges,strawberries too,mushrooms gathered in this morning's dew.
Radishes,lettuces,onions,shallots,tomatoes, potatoes and lots and lots of spinach.
Come buy my vegetables,fruit ripe and beautiful,fine,fresh and fancy,come buy them from me.
Come buy,come buy,come buy them from me."

Mr.Craddock -Park Keeper

A character whose main task is picking up litter in Trumpton Park with his trusty sharp stick and shoulder bag......and moaning constantly about the people responsible.Nothing wrong with the message, just a rather lugubrious messenger.And his song actually sounds like a Public Information film.
You'd imagine he could easily be like the sort of character that used to appear in kids' comics,shaking his fist and saying "bloomin' kids !!".But whilst that sort of sentiment is doubtless bubbling under the surface,you can't imagine him ever getting that worked up quite frankly.
Whether there's a long-suffering Mrs.Craddock,we're not told. 
And the following heartfelt lyrical plea features in both "Miss Lovelace & the Mayor's Hat" and "The Greenhouse"

"Silver paper,toffee paper,dirty bit of cardboard,chair ticket,bus ticket,buttons from a dress.
Chocolate wrapper, envelope,another bit of cardboard.Can't they use the litter bin to not make such a mess ?! 
Leave litter in the litter bins and never leave a mess !" 

Trumpton Fire Brigade 

Captain Flack in charge of firemen Pugh,Pugh,Barney McGrew,Cuthbert,Dibble and Grubb.
Well,what's left to say about this lot   ? 
They're undeniably the most famous Trumpton characters by quite a long way.And only dear old Windy comes close when you take Trumptonshire as a whole.
They never have a fire to put out because of the difficulties of animating both fire and water in 3D.
But they're put to good civic use doing practically everything else and duely appear in all 13 episodes -and that's not including the fact that each episode ends with them giving a brass band concert in Trumpton Park. 
So their fame does at least have some correlation with the amount of time they spend on-screen.
Their signature tune always accompanies them from when Flack answers the call for help to them arriving at the scene.But,strangely,the only lyrical content is the famous roll call,which probably helps to explain why it's remained quite so memorable.And,had they been real actors,they'd have spent their subsequent careers bemoaning the fact they were typecast.A fitting end for them though because,in a delicious twist of irony,the models were cremated by Gordon Murray in a 1986 garden bonfire,because they'd degraded so badly. 
Fireman Cuthbert  has the honour of being the only one of the fire brigade to feature in his own episode- 'Cuthbert's Morning Off.And he's also the only one to have a song.Although it's scene-specific rather than a signature tune,when he's feeding the ducks in Trumpton Park.......just prior to him falling in.Yes,a fireman and water in close proximity ! In fact,'wet' is rather appropriate because he generally comes across as a sort of affable idiot.

"I like the robin's merry song,the thrushes and the lark.
But,best of all,I like the ducks who swim in Trumpton Park.
For ducks will never fly away as soon as I appear.
They swim up in their search for food without a sign of fear.
Their heads are dark & shiny green,their feathers brown & white.
Their yellow beaks are broad & flat,their eyes are round & bright.
I like the robin's merry song,the thrushes and the lark.
But,best of all,I like the ducks who swim in Trumpton Park." 

More about the firemen on the Pugh,Pugh page

Mr.Wantage -Telephone "engineer" and assistant Fred, an "engineer's mate"

A sort of "You hum it son,I'll play it" double act. Mr.Wantage is in charge and knows what he's doing.And the younger Fred isn't and clearly doesn't ! Mr.Wantage isn't given a christian name,and Fred doesn't get a surname.Their transport is this van
Unsurprisingly,this song is from the "Telephones" episode,but they also feature in the "Clay for Mr.Farthing" Chigley episode too:-
"Ring,ring,I work for Post Office Telephones.I'm the man you send for if a fault appears.
I check the cable wire and chord connected to the telephone,and then discuss the remedy with other engineers.
'Hello,hello,we're working on the line'.
Ring ring,ring ring,replace your receiver please,Post Office Telephones will send an engineer.
Your phone was disconnected by a fault we've now corrected.We are sorry to have troubled you but now your line is clear.
"Hello,hello,your line has now been cleared". 
Ring ring,ring ring I test all the telephones,making certain all the lines are loud and clear,
investigating each complaint of noises loud or voices faint,a daily occupation of a P.O engineer.The occupation of an engineer"

Nick Fisher -Bill Poster

You can tell it's Trumptonshire because,unlike the real world,Nick's a bill poster who restricts himself to designated sites.
No aesthetic terrorist is our Nick.Although he hasn't got any competition,so he can afford to exercise restraint.
It's strange that he wasn't given a hand cart like his lookalike,Mr.Robinson (below),as he had just as much to carry. But as no-one ever got poor operating a monopoly I can only presume his off-screen transport was a Rolls.
The following song crops up in both the Nick Fisher and Greenhouse episodes:-

"Pasting up the posters,sticking up the bills.Putting up advertisements for sausages and pills.
Flower shows and concerts,you can take your pick,all neatly stuck by bill sticker Nick."

Mr.Robinson -Window Cleaner

Again a pretty peripheral character,although he does have the rather dubious distinction of being the strangest looking person in Trumpton.And slightly unfair of the modellers to inflict that on him when his job requires him to stare at his own reflection all day.
He's actually not that dissimilar to Nick Fisher in appearance but,unlike Nick,he gets both a hand cart and a considerably longer song -even if it's far less memorable because of it.
It's featured in "The Window Cleaner",the only episode in which he appears:- 

"It is hard to see out or for light to come in,
through window panes coated in a thin layer of grime.
Mullioned or lattice-work,frosted or plain,your windows will let in the sunshine again,
if you send for the man who cleans windows in time. 
Send for the window cleaner,don't delay send today.
He will come with his ladder,his leather and pail and wash all the grime away.
He will put up his ladder and fill up his pail,bring out his leather and give it a shake.
The panes that he cleans he will clean without fail because of the pains he will take,because of the pains he will take.
Send for the window cleaner,don't delay send today.
He will come with his ladder,his leather and pail and wash all the grime away."

Walter Harkin -Painter and Decorator

As with quite a few of the characters,he only appears in one episode. Which probably explains why they didn't think it was worth showing how he transports the cradle he uses to paint the Town Hall Clock Tower.And you'd also have to question how good he was at his job if you check out the slightly amateurish painting on the 2 doors ! (see last pic)
This is his song from his one and only appearance,in "Mr.Platt & the Painter":-

"People will ask me what colour to use.There's pink and there's purple it's so hard to choose.
Some ask for yellow and some ask for green,and some ask for grey so the dirt won't be seen.
Red is exciting and orange is bright,and purple is rich as the sky at midnight.
Crimson is splendid for one kitchen wall,and pink is quite pretty,perhaps in the hall.
Black paint and brown paint just simply won't do,for an old-fashioned house where the windows are few.
For I think an old house is nicer than new.....Paint it white  !" 

Mr.Antonio -Ice Cream Man

A foreign-sounding ice cream man who operates a very continental-style vehicle instead of a traditional British "99" style van.But,as ever,the temptation to introduce an accent was resisted.Although it was probably harder here than most you suspect,despite the fact that the "Geev eet to me" Cornetto stereotype had yet to be invented.So Brian Cant just gives him an instantly forgettable straight english accent.
He appears in "Mrs.Cobbit & the Ice Cream Man" where he demonstrates a 2nd talent as a plasterer (!) ,which presumably helps during the off-season.And also features heavily in a Chigley episode -"A Present for Lord Belborough" But he's largely remembered for having one of the best songs......

"Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling hear the ice cream man.If you want to buy a lolly come as quickly as you can.
If you'd rather have an ice you will find them very nice.Just hurry up and buy one from the ice cream man.
Would you rather have a choc ice or a cornet or a brick ? Or if you buy a lolly please don't throw away the stick.
Find the nearest little bin,put the stick and paper in,and buy another lolly from the ice cream man." 

Raggy Dan -Rag and Bone Man

Raggy has a rather down-at-heel demeanour and is given a voice to match.And you half expect him to say "guv" at any minute -but he doesn't.No Steptoe and Son laughs here.And no horse either,as he gets the unpainted economy version of the Window Cleaner's hand cart.Which is appropriate I suppose given his trade.But everyone is respected for the role they play in Trumptonshire life,irrespctive of status.And he's duely rewarded for his efforts in "Tidy Trumpton Week" when the Mayor presents him with a silver cup.
This song is from "The Rag and Bone Man",the only episode in which he appears:-

"Rags,bottles and bones I cry,rags and bones I buy,I buy.
Listen for me as I'm passing by,rags,bottles and bones I cry,rags,bottles and bones.
Bric-a-brac,bicycles,books or brass,rags and bones I buy,I buy.
Pottery,pewter,or china and glass,rags,bottles and bones I cry,rags,bottles and bones.
Turn out the attic and under the stairs,rags and bones I buy,I buy.
Old-fashioned furniture,sofas or chairs,rags,bottles and bones I cry,rags,bottles and bones

Police "Constable Potter"

The only episodes where he has an active role,other than as a bystander,are The Window Cleaner and,to a lesser degree,the Nick Fisher one.And even then it's minimal,so it's hardly surprising he doesn't merit a song either.
Totally eclipsed by his Camberwick counterpart,PC McGarry Number 4_5_2.
And.......whisper it quietly..... but they used the same models for both.

Mr.Wilkins -Plumber

In view of the water issue,it's slightly amusing that a plumber was ever included.But if it was good enough for the firemen And they do say that a good plumber is a dry one ! 
Less surprisingly,his one episode of glory is largely spent up in a loft -in this case,the Town Hall's.And despite having more equipment than most he's not given any visible means of transport to get it there.
While we're on the subject of plumbing and water,here's another bit of trivia relating to the subject (to add to all the others) Namely,no bathroom is ever shown in any of the 3 series.Which I'm sure you didn't want to waste a couple of seconds reading,but true nonetheless.
This song is from "The Plumber",the only episode in which he appears:-

"Hot water heater takes too long to heat,overflow pipe dripping into the street.
A leaky old tap or broken waste trap,just send right away for the plumber.
Ball valve corroded or mud blocks the drain,winter has brought frozen pipes once again.
So turn off the tap that shuts off the main and send right away for the plumber.
Water tank leaking and blocked with dead leaves,that winter's cold winds have blown under the eaves,
the water comes stealing down through the ceiling,so send right away for the plumber.
The cause of the trouble is very soon found,the old tank is lowered with care to the ground.
The new one erected and quickly connected
and weather-proof,water-tight,tidy and trim is soon with clear water filled up to the brim.
An excellent job by the plumber." 


Her nephew is Fireman Cuthbert.And they're both portrayed as being rather soppy -which is a polite way of saying dim.
We're told she's "an elderly lady","a stranger to Trumpton" and,like Miss Lovelace,has a peke "of my own at home".She also sports a bonnet that makes her look like she's just arrived by steamer from the American Civil War ! Not that we're actually told where she has come from.
Her only appearance is in her nephew's episode and she's songless.

"The Artist"

Not only is he one of the one-hit-wonders but as he's an itinerant artist he doesn't even merit a name (have easel will travel) .So he's always just referred to as "The Artist",and is probably the least memorable of any character who got to 'speak' in Trumpton.Although his legacy of a painting of the Town Hall could be seen in subsequent episodes,on the wall behind the Mayor's desk.
This song is from "The Mayor's Birthday",the only episode in which he appears:-

"I wander through the countryside,with easel,brushes,paints and stool,
and settle in a leafy glade,by willow tree and shadey pool.
I draw the picture first of all,with simple lines of green or blue
and then I fill the drawing in with paint and shades of every hue.
And when at last my picture's done,I pack it carefully away
and wander on across the fields to return another day." 

Characters mentioned,but never actually seen.

Mr.Bolt,"The Borough Engineer" is referred to in 2 episodes.
In "Telephones",the Mayor talks to him over the phone following "more complaints about the street lights"(complaints ?!)
And in "The Greenhouse",the Mayor tells Mr.Craddock to get him to inspect the disused greenhouse chimney before the flower & veg show -prompting this classic Carry On-style retort,
"I think I've seen Mr.Bolt about.He's showing his chrysanthemums" (ooh-er !) Well,that's as maybe,but he's too shy to show himself to us and merely remains a disembodied voice on the end of a phone when informing the Mayor that it has to be demolished.

And it's also in that same Telephones episode where we learn,via another phone call,that Mrs.Clamp has ordered some printed paper bags from Mr.Munnings.Definitely Mr.Clamp's wife and not his mum.btw.And definitely never actually seen.

And in the Raggy Dan episode,Dora Minton gives us this tantalising little snippet when referring to the rocking horse at the centre of the story- "...the children are much too big for it". 
So does that mean that Nibbs isn't an only child then  ?!  What a bombshell to end on !
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